Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: The Dizzy Witch Cafe


Strawberry Milkshake ($6)

The Warlocks Last Meal ($20)



A couple of days ago, I had brunch with Alex of Alex Procrastinates. We were originally gunning for Sayers Sister but found the line too tedious to brave following the refreshing death-defying trek from the city centre. So, The Dizzy Witch Cafe it was.

The Dizzy Witch Cafe seems your typical local haunt, tucked away from the main roads and decked out in 90s-esque paraphernalia. We stood around awkwardly for a while before realising that it was self-service and headed up to the counter to order.

The menu doesn't have a large selection and many of the options don't allow for alterations, which is a little strange. However, we both settled for The Warlocks Last Meal - organic bacon, free range eggs, toast, grilled roma tomato, potato rosti, mushrooms and beef chipolata.

Then came the wait, the drink took an almost ridiculously long time to arrive at the table and the food followed much much later. By the time the food finally arrived, we were absolutely starving but had to hunt for cutlery because, as luck would have it, none was provided.

The food was initially delicious but after the first few bites you began to feel slightly uncomfortable. The bread was toasted to perfection, the sausages were just that, the potato rosti was lovely and crisp, and the tomato was sweet and refreshing.The mushrooms were buttery enough to be just beyond the point of melt-in-your-mouth and into the realms of just too much. Another problem was the bacon which was overcooked and rock hard.

Overall it was a pretty average dining experience with less than average service. In the future, I think I'll be sticking to the comforts of eateries closer to home.

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  1. it does have a cute name though

  2. $20 is like waaay pricey and it doesn't look like you get a lot for your money. have you been to toast? the view is like sooo pretty and the servings are small but it's probably a bit better priced and WAY better tasting than the place you guys went to.
    for something cheaper and way more delish definitely try manhattan's on hay. it is actually the best breakfast i've had so far. we should totes go some time! nomnomnom...

  3. the name is so cute! and the warlock meal looks really fun and a neat way to eat.. those potato rosti's and the mushrooms look nom!

  4. The name of the resto has a kick but to bad with the service..I guess you really have to stay or eat on your comfort restos:)

  5. That is such a great name for a restaurant! Too bad it doesn't live up to its name. :/