Friday, April 5, 2013

Jamie's Italian

A few nights ago I visited the newly opened Jamie's Italian in the Perth CBD with Alex. There's always a lot of hype involving restaurant openings in Perth because, lets face it, very little happens here. Jamie's was well worth the hype though despite the almost-two hour wait for a table.

The atmosphere was fantastic with a low buzz of conversation and extremely attentive staff. After pondering the extensive (and delightfully inexpensive menu) we decided on two pasta dishes, a side and a dessert to share. In hindsight we should have ordered more excessively and at least gotten one of the amazing looking antipasti.

Apologies for the lack of food photos (and selfies), we were a tad hungry after the two-ish hour wait!

IMG_2068 (1)
Complimentary bread "basket" - the flatbread was delicious!

IMG_2075 (1)
Polenta Chips

IMG_2071 (1)
Sausage Pappardelle

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  1. wow looks really yum!! :) especially the last photo~ carb heaven i say!! ^_^

    Joyce @

  2. OMG want everything on this page!!! especially those polenta chips!! and that paparadelle pasta looks like the yummiest mashed lasagna ever hahah!